The Seasons of Selling Property

Everyone has an opinion about the best time of year for selling a property, but the truth is, any season can be a good time to sell, and depends on factors such as who is in the market at the time.


Winter – This is usually the slowest season for homebuyers and the most awkward for sellers, due to the holidays in December. However, for winter sellers, January is a better time to put your home on the market, when people are back in the office, back from vacations, and with winter being a time to curl up on long winter nights, there’s plenty of time for buyers to peruse the listings in preparation for a spring move.

Spring – People commonly think that spring is a great time to sell a home. The longer days tends to bring people out of their winter ‘hibernation’ and start the search for their new home. Any buyers selling their own home may be in the process of listing their property and hence researching their next place too. Also those buyers with school age children will be looking ahead for a summer moving date.

Summer – This can be a bit trickier, because, for one, people are away on holiday. However, as this is at the end of the spring rush, so you might catch some people who didn’t find exactly what they wanted during the spring before they go away on holiday.

Autumn – Contrary to popular belief, we have noticed this is a busy time of year for actual offers on properties; high fall-through rates and long conveyancing time for property sales south of the border (I have been told the average time has hit four months now), buyers are delaying offering on their new home until their own property sale is progressing well. Additionally, potential buyers are looking to move in before Christmas (dare I mention the word in August!), so in some respects this is the best time to get your property on the market! Once late November hits, the market drastically slows down.