Our Sales Process –  A Step by Step Guide

1. A friendly, knowledgeable person

We know that deciding to sell your property or plot is a significant decision and can often pull at your heartstrings. Our dedicated sales team will take the time to talk you through the entire process; discussing our service and transparent fees.

2. Visiting the property

A member of the sales team will visit your property to carry out a market appraisal. Visiting your property will provide us with an opportunity to be shown around, and allow you to detail any changes and upgrades you may have made while discussing helpful information that we can pass on to potential buyers. It is at this point that our staff can suggest hints and tips on how to achieve the best home report possible and how to present your home ready for viewers.

If you are ready to go online then so are we! At this appointment if the property is ready for marketing pictures, not only will we take promotional photos but we will have the floorplan drawn up there and then as well.

3. Arrange the home report

For most listings, it is a legal requirement to have an up-to-date home report. We can recommend reputable surveyors to carry out the report and arrange for the company to liaise with you, to confirm an appointment. If you don’t live at the property – don’t worry! We can also arrange access on your behalf.

4. Brochure creation

We create the brochure in a way that gives the reader important information about the property while enticing them to find out more. We assemble a 4-page document to send to you initially, requesting your approval for edits. We like to involve you in writing the brochure and we invite you to make any suggestions or amendments to ensure it echoes the property’s best assets. From the date of our initial visit, to the provision of the first draft takes us only three days. This includes sending your images away to a 3rd party firm to be professionally edited. Once we make the changes, the final draft of the brochure will be sent to you for final approval alongside our property validation form for you to sign and return. Easy as that!

5. Approval stage

During the brochure creation stage, the surveyor will also send you the initial draft of the home report for your approval. We strongly advise you read through the whole report and request any edits you think are relevant. It is important to note that changes can only be made once at this stage. West Property is on hand to help you here and can answer queries on any of the sections.

6. The final step

Once the home report has been approved, finalised and sent to our sales office, we can launch the property onto the market! We advertise on all of the main advertising portals including Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location. We also market across social media, our West Property website and include a for sale board on a pre-agreed site. Once your property is live, we will match it with our entire list of actively searching applicants. This provides them with all the information they need and a direct link to the website. From here on in, we will continue to work hard at matching and educating prospective buyers on your property.


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