The importance of move-out inspections

When a tenant moves out, your first thought will probably be getting someone else in the property as soon as possible. After all, every day that the property remains empty is costing you money.

However, it’s important to make thorough checks between tenancies for three main reasons.

First, you want to make sure you spot any and all problems, no matter how small, so you can determine how much of the deposit you should refund. While allowing for normal wear and tear, if any repairs or replacements need to be made, they shouldn’t have to come out of your pocket. Make sure you record any damage caused by the tenants with photographs and compile a detailed list of any items or work that their deposit will be used to cover.

Second, if you don’t find all the issues, your new tenants won’t be happy when they move in. For long term lets, it’s much better to make sure the property is completely presentable rather than having to complete repairs after a new tenant moves in. Leaky toilets, stained carpets, old tatty furnishings and poor cleanliness will disappoint your new tenants and may lead to them taking less care of your property during the tenancy.

Third, a thorough check prevents small problems from turning into large headaches. Check everything down to the carpet edges, bath seals, stiff window mechanisms and sticky locks, to make sure there are no safety issues and nothing is leaking.

By taking the time to make sure your property looks its best and everything is in working order before starting an new tenancy, you create a great first impression and will make managing the tenancy so much easier in future.

West Property insist upon a Full Record of Condition and Inventory being produced with accompanying reference photographs for all tenancies. This provides an accurate record for both Tenant and Landlord at the commencement of tenancy and assists with any potential disputes at the end of tenancy.

For help in making sure your property is putting its best foot forward from the start, give us a call.