Fire Safety in Rented Properties

Fires can have a devastating effect on the lives of people and results in around 50 deaths and 1300 injuries each year. The Scottish government has set out guidance for landlords in regard to fire safety in private rentals, and this week we will highlight some of the especially pertinent items.

One part of the Repairing Standard is that a house should have satisfactory provision for detecting fires and for giving warning in the event of fire or suspected fire.

The Repairing Standard sets a high benchmark for smoke and fire detection, matching the standard required for new building and which is higher than many owner-occupiers will meet for their own homes.

The revised Domestic Technical Handbook guidance states there should be at least:

  • one functioning smoke alarm in the room which is frequently used by the occupants for general daytime living purposes
  • one functioning smoke alarm in every circulation space, such as hallways and landings
  • one heat alarm in every kitchen
  • all alarms should be interlinked.

A smoke alarm must be interlinked, be this mains wired with a standby power supply or wireless.

All furnishings provided in the property such as beds, sofas, chairs etc. must meet the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended in 1989, 1993 and 2010). They must have fire retardant/’match safe’ covers and fillings. More information is available via The Fire and Advice Centre.

To read the complete guidelines, visit the Scottish Government Website. For help in making sure that your property is up to standard for fire safety and all other regulations, give a member of our experienced Letting Team a call!