If we are giving great service, then we want you to tell everyone, if we aren’t, then tell us!
The purpose of the complaints procedure is to deal quickly, effectively and efficiently with your grievance and where possible, turn a potentially negative situation into a very positive one, through our care and attention.

We aim to provide a high standard of service to you, our customers, at all times. However, sometimes things can go wrong and if that happens we are committed to resolving matters promptly and fairly. For ease we have detailed our complaints processes below.

1: Please write (by letter or email) to the Department (Lettings or Sales) Manager with the details of your complaint, setting out clearly the reasons for your grievance(s) together with dates, names of any staff members you dealt with and enclosing/attaching any supporting evidence.

Lettings Department – Rebecca McRitchie –

Sales Department – Lucy Hallett –

2: The Department Manager is required to acknowledge your complaint in writing (letter or email) within 3 working days of receiving it.
3: The Department Manager will review your complaint and provide you with a formal written outcome of his/her investigation within 15 working days of receiving the complaint.
4: Should you not be satisfied with the Department Manager’s response you may write to our Business Manager at the address below and we will carry out a separate and detached review of your complaint resulting in a final view (“Final View”) which will be sent to you within 15 working days of the matter being escalated to us:

Chermaine Laurie – Business Manager
West Property Scotland Limited, 9 Combie Street, Oban, Argyll, PA34 4HN

5: Should you still be dissatisfied after receiving our Final View, then you may refer the complaint to the Ombudsman whose details are below. Please note that you must refer your complaint to the Ombudsman within 12 months of receiving our Final View for the Ombudsman to consider it.

The Property Ombudsman, Milford House, 43-55 Milford Street, Salisbury SP1 2BP

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